Top 3 Tips to Keeping Your Kiln Dried Logs Dry this Winter

  1. Use a Wooden Pallet.

Not everyone has the luxury of storing their logs indoors within the confines of a garage or shed. For many people storage is often a problem. It can be a little challenging to keep logs dry throughout the winter, and as we know the drier the log the higher the heat output.

Keeping your logs dry is more than just sheltering them from the wind and rain, keeping them dry from the bottom up is also important. We recommend using the wooden pallet delivered with your order to keep your logs off the ground. The pallet will enable plenty of air circulation from underneath keeping your nice and dry logs from absorbing moisture.

  1. Stack your Logs Properly.

After using your wooden pallet as the ideal base for your log pile the next step is to stack your logs properly.

There is a skill to a nicely stacked pile of logs. The perfect pile of logs should be roughly a metre tall and should not be more than a log-length in depth.

Again, plenty of air circulation is the key here. When stacking your logs you want to stack each layer in the opposite direction of the layer below with appropriate gaps between all your logs where possible. Following this stacking technique will ensure the best possible air circulation, keeping them moisture free, ensuring long burning times and high heat output.

  1. Use a Tarpaulin Cover.

With your logs stacked properly on an appropriate base the final step is cover your logs.

When storing your logs outside one of the worst mistakes you can make is to cover your logs completely. When covering your logs, it is important to ensure adequate air circulation, otherwise you run the risk of enabling moisture build up, which could ultimately damage your log supply.

Therefore, make sure that sides of any cover placed on your logs remain uncovered for proper aeration.